What I should use a migration agent?

When you make the decision of living in Australia and decide to start the process, your will be wondering about what will be the best option to start the process and whether is necessary use a migration agent.
Certainly, it depends on your personal circumstances and how you feel about the application process.

Use a migration agent can facilitate the process, you will feel more confident as we are dealing with visa applications daily, that’s mean we will guide you through the right path to ensure your application is successful. Our experience handling multiple cases for more than 5 years, make easier identify the gaps and guide you in order to achieve your objectives.
We know every single detail in reference to Australian Visas; we are up to date with the last changes in reference to Australian migration law and changes in legislation. Therefore we will support you by checking carefully all the requirements and documents to make an application and get a positive response.

We will do it everything to make the process less stressful and quick. We will stand by your side to support you in every step.

Will World Migration Services offers Migration assistance specialised mainly in the following Visas:

Student Visas subclass 500
Sponsor Visas: 482, 186, 494 Regional
Partner Visas Subclass 801, 820
Skill Visas: 189, 190 State, 491 Regional
Visitor Visas Subclass 600

If you would like to consider your eligibility; make an appointment with one of our agents.  

The Appointment fee for 1 hour is:

Sponsor Visa, Partner Visa and Tribunal cases AU$ 280.00

Other visas or other migration consultations AU$ 250.00

Make an appointment with one of our experts.

Migration to Australia-Visas

You must nominate an occupation from the Skilled Occupations List (Combined List) if you are applying for an Independent or Family Sponsored Points Tested visa or a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) – Graduate Work Stream. Please take note the main list is called MLTSSL and the short List is STSOL see the following link:


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