About us

Who we are?

Will World Education is a multinational organisation which provides free education advisory, consultation, and guidance for all current and prospective international students in finding the right path to achieve their personal and professional dreams.

We represent more than 100 fully accredited institutions in Australia and around the world. By over than 10 years of experience, we have delivered programs and courses fulfilling student expectations to ensure a remarkable and great experience.

Our staff has a broad knowledge and experience to assist and guide international students. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of customer service to our clients and stakeholders.

Our History

Will World Education was founded in 2007 by its CEO Director William Moreno Acero who arrived in Australia in 2005 as an International Student. William overpassed all challenges of being in a new country and easily adopts himself to the environment. After finished his Master of Commerce degree, have worked in different industries and travel around the world; he saw the opportunity to open the business, thinking of giving others a better service based on his own experience.

Today, Will World Education is more committed than ever to deliver an exceptional service to all its clients, creating strategic partnerships with agents and institutions around the world to offer a countless possibilities-a world of possibilities!

What we do?

We offer a broad range of services tailored to the needs of our clients. We help our students to find the right program according to their expectations and personal goals. We provide guidance through the whole process: establish your study options, visa applications and requirements, travel arrangement, accommodation, pre and post study phase and much more.


Will World Education aim to provide the best educational consultancy, guidance and counselling services to international students who wish to study abroad. We aim to establish a very close and strong relationship with all our customers and with all our partner institutions, offering the highest quality of educational expertise possible through our excellent image and reputation. Our business philosophy is based on our belief that the client is a human and not a number. Therefore, we take pride in conducting our business with moral principles, ethics and professionalism, where respect, honesty and good will always take priority.

Our Team

William Moreno

CEO Director
Migration Agent MARN 1173464

Kelly Rodríguez


John Moreno

Manager Colombia



Equipo de apoyo


"Thinking The Next Step"


By: William Moreno Acero

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"Thinking the next step"

Based on a true real life story. Leadership, success and personal growth.

Specially created to get an easy adaptation process while migrating, based on my own evolution in Australia.

By: William Moreno Acero